Digital sketch

The audience is first presented with an overview of the issue at hand. Excessive carbon dioxide gas in our world's atmosphere is causing negative repercussions for all biological life.
This is followed by informing them that a developmental science known as air capture technology could potentially fix the problem.
One of the possibilities with air capture tech is the ability to engineer carbon dioxide emissions into carbonate bricks. This fact is emphasized through the usage of Lego bricks in the exhibit.

Interactive shelf

An accompanying book served the purpose of providing the audience with more information and scientific research about the issue. 
Carbon dioxide molecule magnets were constructed out of Legos for the audience to take home. Using Lego pieces to make this item further reinforced the idea of carbonate bricks.
If you'd like to learn more - visit The Center for Negative Carbon Emissions' website for info on the benefits of direct air capture technology.
software used  :  blurb book creator  .  illustrator  .  indesign  . photoshop  . sketchup
hardware used  :  1/2in white acrylic  .  1in maple wood  .  lego bricks  .  universal laser systems pls laser cutter  .  vinyl sheets
special thanks to airpark signs for their vinyl printing assistance
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