The event's emblem is designed to be a visual representation of the fast-paced and efficient teamwork that hackathon promotes.
Top of the emblem is a simple speedometer that represents the 48-hour deadline. Flags subtly resemble axes or hatches - visual play on the term hackathon. The five stars above symbolize each team member. 
The emblem's outline plays the part of a map pin, represents that hackathon takes place here/internally at Carvana for employees' ideas to be heard.
Bold, attention-grabbing usage of the event badge is intended to excite employees and encourage them to build teams and participate. 

11x17"  .  100# Matte Cover

Heavy emphasis on clarity and legibility. The information is presented to employees in an easy to read, accessible manner.
Bi-fold format allows for a conveniently sized pamphlet that streamlines the entry process. Printing the informational page and entry form on one standard letter sheet will reduce total printing costs.

8.5x11" fold to 8.5x5.5"  .  80# Accent Cover

Simple, stylish design for employees to show Carvana pride and event participation. Single color screen print to keep costs low.
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software used  :  illustrator  .  indesign  .  photoshop
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