Intended to be a large storefront window display, the project lends itself to a 20x13' retail space with a depth of four feet. Model designed at 1'' to 1' scale.

Isometric view

The project's main objective is to visualize the positivity that The Illest Brand promotes through a bold, attention-grabbing store display.

Initial sketch

Illest strives to reach multiple audiences. Among them are the hip-hop culture, designer toy fanatics, and even street racers - to name a few.
Incorporating a Kidrobot figure into the storefront emphasizes the brand's history of fun and creative collaborations across multiple industries.
The simplistic stylization of the logo is a throwback to one of the company's original logos. It will connect with the brand's followers while intriguing new customers.

Digital sketch

Model 1'' to 1' scale
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This project was completed as student work and not officially affiliated with Illest Brand
software used  :  illustrator  .  photoshop  .  sketchup
hardware used  :  1/8in mahogany ply wood  .  3-ply chipboard  .  5in kidrobot vinyl figure  .  led lights  .  misc wooden posts  .  mtn hardcore spray cans  .  universal laser systems pls laser cutter
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