Sun Devil Stadium stadium remains empty and unused for the majority of the year. To make the most of this impressive space we were asked to propose a solution that would keep the community connected to the venue.
My team and I conceptualized the application of interactive tiles around the stadium. This technology is intended to bring biophilic principles into the stadium design by surrounding users with nature inspired imagery.
Tiles will also be used as shade for the outdoor common areas. Students, faculty, and the general public can access these areas year round.
Common areas will include panels for displaying information. Game scores, campus activity, news, and upcoming stadium events will all be broadcast.
Nature imagery will be the standard display when other events are not being broadcast. Users can also interact with the tiles and choose what nature scene to display.
With the Tempe Forum mobile app, stadium visitors can use augmented reality as a form of wayfinding to navigate around Sun Devil Stadium.
Graphic Design  :  Jorge Estrada-Ramírez  .  Ryan Luy
Industrial Design  :  Baron Wang  .  Weizhe Xu
Landscape Architecture  :  Tyler Kerpan
Psychology  :  Kirsten Holz
software used  :  illustrator  .  photoshop  .  sketchup  .  xd
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